Failure Breeds Success Book

A Step-by-step Plan on How to Pick Yourself Up, Turn Any Setback into a Triumph and Achieve Your Life’s Ambitions

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About The Book

How many times have you wished you could double your income? Or you could switch from the humdrum existence you’ve been living for what seems like years? Or, if you are in business, you could win that really big, life-changing, account that so far has always seemed to elude you? Do you ever wish that your name, or the name of your company could be constantly on everyone s lips forall the right reasons? How many times have you ever done anything about it?

There is a way to change your future and achieve all your dreams and more. Failure Breeds Success reveals The Transition, which is a step-by-step plan that will move you on from just thinking about what might be, to actually making this happen. And you can do it all within three years or less.

Failure Breeds Success is the first book by entrepreneur and international businessman Mike Greene. He was inspired to write it following an appearance on Secret Millionaire, the long-running Channel Four show. Working with under-privileged kids Mike saw that given half a chance they were able to change their life completely. It forced him to reflect on his own humble background and reflect that we all have the ability to turn set-backs into triumphs and achieve whatever we want to do in life. This experience, coupled with a lifetime of running successful international businesses, is the basis for the Transition that can transform your life in just three years. If you really want to reach all your goals and more within just three years, this is how.